She's a jar with a heavy lid, my pop quiz easy kisser

Too Tall


  • WHO? Too Tall. who else? who else is gonna break your heart so fucking good… that you don’t even ever want it unbroke. that you’ll treasure the jagged, bleeding pieces. that you might even try to break more of it yourself, in his memory, but it’ll never be the same as when he broke it, when he broke it for the first time. WHAT? the music. oh dear god, the music. voice growly ragged true, soaring, dipping, snaking into your soul, asking, begging, commanding… release! freedom! forgiveness! the words… this shit happened. it happened. this shit is real. do you hear him? do you hear the words? WHAT is the guitar and the piano and organ the banjo ukulele. the whatever he touches, pounds, blows and sucks, strums and picks and fingers. music bubbling up from his toes and the depths of his bottomless gut, surging through his fingers and voice. touching, shaking hands with the infinite. ‘hello! how was YOUR day?’  lyrics. words pouring tumbling like sticky rich tree sap honey – with just a little grit – into your music mouth. into your bones. feel it? into your blood. feel it? park your left brain at the door, assholes. this is eternal. whatever he sings and plays is the WHAT. WHERE? that’s easy. everywhere. everest. rome. hawaii. ah, ireland. WHERE? anywhere that the beaten and defeated, without hope or friends, go with the empty ghost of an idea that maybe a glass of ferment and something someone please! anyone! can help them remember how to smile. Too Tall is there, smiling. Too Tall is there, easing the way, helping them remember how to feel good. WHEN. Now. NOW. it’s almost too late already. What are you waiting for? close your eyes and fall in. it’s your heart that knows the dance best. let your heart lead. the WHEN is now. WHY? he has no choice. destiny set his story in motion long ago. WHY? because it FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. why? because when a shooting star pops and passes up there, you look at it. mother nature has given us quite an eyeful. it would be a crime against nature not to stop and marvel. HOW? if you have to fucking ask…. ok. the usual ways. vinyl. bits and bytes. pen and ink and paper. videos. live on stage. LIVE. can’t bottle that shit. lots of HOW’s. LIVE is a very very good HOW. Too Tall. all the questions answered. give a listen.

Music Videos

  • Picture 12

    So | 2:55

  • Picture 9

    Don’t Bother Calling | 2:50


    This is a great video.

  • Picture 11

    Alesis | 2:28

  • Picture 7

    My Blue Heaven | 2:32

  • Picture 10

    Help Me Now | 2:26


    Shot in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy.

  • Picture 17

    I Don’t Want | 2:55

  • Picture 8

    Freakin Me Out | 3:21

  • Picture 16

    My Song | 2:33


  • Moonshine Sessions

    Moonshine Sessions

    $10.00 USD

  • "Smash Box" Love

    “Smash Box” Love

    $12.00 USD


  • Picture 13

    A Little Story By Pablo | 4:34

  • Picture 9

    “Adam and Ron” Movie Trailer

  • Picture 15

    I’m Too Tall | :39

  • Picture 19

    Drink | 2:54